◼ The Ben Mollin Hair Education was created by Ben Mollin.
◼ Partnering with Monika Lombardi and Marc Galati, the team
has designed a concept that can be brought to any audience
who wants to empower themselves, liberate their work, and
grow their business.
◼ Within the workshops, the audience will be capable of
understanding, at the very least, themselves; then bring the
practice, design, and concept of the BMP program to their
everyday life.


◼ Presenting includes human contact
on a daily basis. BMP knows that this interaction is crucial. The difficulties
in understanding how to do so and build a successful career matters.
◼ Having the experience of being out in the field, it is evident that human
interaction is now becoming more misunderstood. However, there is a
greater common interest to connect to someone or something.
◼ BMP is designed to bridge the gap between misunderstood social
interactions and the need for connection.
◼ This leads to BMP also recognizing the importance of empowerment being
brought back into the industry through its total submersion workshops.


◼ Very detail oriented workshops: Minimum 2- to 4-day class.
◼ 1-3 coaches, depending on size of group, run the classes.
◼ Custom-designed program determined by clients needs.
Ex. Catered to clientele: Sales, Stylist, Educator, etc.
◼ Complete structured layout is presented to client prior to


CEO/Founder and Creative Director of Ben
Mollin Hair Education (BMHE)
◼ 21 years salon ownership
◼ 26 years behind the chair
◼ Shear genius season 1 2007
◼ Platform Artist - 10 Years



◼ Partner/Associate, Coach, Marketing
Developer BMHE
◼ 22 years behind the chair
◼ 12 years salon ownership
◼ Platform Artist - 7 Years



◼ Partner/Associate, Instructor,
Coach BMHE
◼ 25 years behind the chair
◼ 25 years salon ownership
◼ Platform Artist - 17 years